How We Help


Our typical clients enter therapy with concerns about their family,  their relationships, or with distressing emotions. We provide therapy  for children, families, or adults who may be experiencing depression,  relationships problems, stress or parenting concerns, as well as other  challenges. We also see children, teens, and adults who have experienced  significant trauma who require longer term trauma-specific therapy. Or  we see a combination – people who have pushed down emotions from trauma  early in life and now it is affecting current relationships. When it's  appropriate, we work together through the past difficult issues in order  to help address current situations and relationships. We have extensive  experience and training in these areas, and tailor treatment to meet  your needs after a thorough assessment. We are all trained in providing EMDR Therapy, when it's appropriate. 

We  have a family-focused approach to therapy. We believe that a child or  adult’s difficulties can often be turned around with therapy that addresses both individual and family issues. Improvement often occurs significantly sooner when the family is involved rather than just a  child who may be acting out. Usually unhappy marriages = unhappy parents  = unhappy children or any combination of those… We structure therapy to  meet your family’s specific needs. Rest assured - we do not judge, and  are only here to enhance your life, and have you feeling better - not  worse with guilt or blame! See the tabs above for specifics on how we work with children, teens and adults.

We help clients heal and move forward, every day.