Do you feel like your sweet little son or daughter has turned on you? Parenting teens is one of the hardest things you will ever do! Many parents of teens tell us they miss the connection they once had with their children.
Connecting with them can be a challenge as they put their friends first at this age and want to be in charge of their lives.

We have extensive experience helping teens and families come together. It can and does happen! Families just get stuck, and it can feel horrible or hopeless at times. Parents have told us that at moments they feel as if they have failed, are losing their child, or don’t even enjoy being around their child any more. Parents have been pleased and amazed at our therapists’ ability to connect with even the most resistant or quiet (emotionally shut down) teens. It is an art, and we have had many years perfecting the skill! We love these kids!

We know that underneath the acting out/disrespect or withdrawn/isolation, there is a hurting child who may not know how to express all their confusing or intense feelings (of just being a teen, school problems, family issues, etc). We help parents learn how to manage the roller coaster of emotions and behaviors. Usually our teen clients actually enjoy therapy believe it or not! We often do a combination of individual and family time in therapy. They enjoy having time to express their own “stuff” without parents present. They may do art therapy in our expressive therapy room, sit outside and talk with us, or even go on a walk. Not all teens will open up sitting on a couch and we get that!