​Alicia Kiser, M.Ed, LMFT​

Contact her at 913-744-0613 or  alicia@waterstreetcounseling.com

Currently using telehealth, secure video sessions, for community safety. 

Alicia has practiced Marriage and Family Therapy for 14 years. All of us at Water Street Family Counseling have worked  together previously at a local community agency. During those years we developed our strong professional practice and personal friendships. We highly respect Alicia and are happy to have her wisdom and experience to  add to our group. 

Alicia sees children, teens, adults and  couples. With many years of experience she is able to help clients  alleviate the experience of anxiety and depression, resolve family relationship difficulties, and recover from traumatic experiences.  Alicia brings a consistent, balanced approach to her clients, where  every member of a family is considered to have an important and valuable perspective. She will welcome you with her easy style, and help you  settle in comfortably to the process of counseling. She provides EMDR therapy and has extensive training in trauma, relationship and  attachment therapy. 

Alicia Kiser, M.Ed, LMFT is an independent practitioner.