EMDR Therapy

Details about this powerful therapy:

What is it?

EMDR stands for "eye movement and desensitization reprocessing" ....it sounds mysterious, and yet research supports that it is an evidence based approach to past trauma, sometimes including the treatment of anxiety and depression. Experiencing EMDR Therapy is the best way to take the mystery out of it; it is highly effective and your therapist can provide information on if it's right for you. ALL of our therapists are trained in EMDR Therapy. 

We provide EMDR Therapy for children, teens and adults. This therapy is transformative for situations where a past occurrence, feeling or belief continues to recycle and get in the way of how a person experiences life now. Sometimes no matter how much someone wants to shake the past, it comes up and gets in the way of living a healthy, happy life now. 

Give me some examples of when this would be helpful: 

-When you have experienced a traumatic event, and might be having nightmares or visions popping in about the event; losing sleep, feeling miserable and ruminating about the incident.

-When you have had a conflict with a family member or ex-partner and wants to stop having a visceral reaction to them; you can't stand that it still gets you upset when they say something/give you a look...you want to be over it but your body gets fired up anyway. 

-When you continue to struggle with feeling bad about yourself, even when a part of you "knows" that isn't true. 

-When you struggle with intimacy but don't know why, or you are aware of past assaults/sexual abuse and wonder if it's impacting your life, even years later. 


-When you notice controlling behaviors towards others and you're trying to change this. 

 -When you've had a car accident and are now anxious when driving, or want to avoid places or situations that remind you of a past accident or difficult experience. 

-When you have suffered a loss and are struggling to move forward. 

-When you feel "stuck" in life; with work, family or a relationship, or your mood. 

These are just a few common examples; we have successfully treated people suffering from these types of experiences. 

What is different about it? 

EMDR addresses how past experiences are stored in the body, which is the key to relief. When the brain is overwhelmed by an experience, it may not fully process and store the "story" away in a healthy way. EMDR reprocesses history to become stored in an adaptive way, allowing you to move forward instead of remaining splintered and vulnerable like a raw nerve - always needing to cover and protect itself, to avoid further pain. 

Biologically speaking, the brain/body remembers the past, and often reacts whether a person wants it to or not. This treatment is healing for people who experience PTSD (post traumatic stress), anxiety or depression. Leaving the past in the past is the goal. Freedom is often the outcome. 

EMDR Therapy is different than "talk therapy" in that it includes addressing how the body remembers the upsetting thoughts/feelings/sensations that have occurred in the past. If you have had therapy before and feel like you "should" be "over it" by now, EMDR therapy may be very useful.  Often clients tell us "I know in my head that it wasn't my fault...but I still feel..." 

How will I know if it's for me? 

Your therapist can assess if EMDR Therapy is a good fit for you, and more about how it works and what to expect for you personally.  

It can relieve physical symptoms?

We are very pleased that an increasing number of primary physicians are recognizing the benefits of EMDR Therapy. Since the body is affected by the stress of past experiences, physicians frequently see patients for IBS, headaches, stomach aches, high blood pressure and addictive behaviors. Some doctors are recognizing that in addition to wise medical treatment, patients can find increased physical health by processing, releasing and healing from emotional difficulties that are still held in the body. EMDR Therapy is not a substitute for medical care, but it can be an excellent and proven-worthy aspect of your medical care, health and wellbeing. We frequently work with primary doctors to coordinate your care, and support you body, mind and soul! 

Tell me more about the outcome: 

Finally, the benefits after EMDR Therapy are actually immeasurable...we feel different physically, we respond mindfully versus reacting viscerally to "triggers," and we learn to believe that we actually are worthy, loving and healthy underneath it all. The results are lasting. Our bodies are made to heal themselves..like how we heal from a paper cut if we don't let it get infected. The trouble is, our lives get "infected" by repeated negative experiences (like dirt on a wound!) if we missed the opportunity to clean ourselves from things that got "stuck" to us, that never belonged to us. Sometimes it's not enough to know "it wasn't my fault" or "that's over now" because the body remembers...it's not your fault. Come get some relief is this is ringing true for you. 

For more information, and powerful research showing it's effectiveness, you may look at emdria.org

Our therapists have all been the client for EMDR Therapy: 

As we have all been trained in EMDR Therapy, we all have experienced EMDR as "the client." Yes, as a necessary part of our training and commitment to you, we put ourselves in your shoes, and learned about how that feels, and how powerful it is to get to the other side of it. 100 % success; every one of us have experienced astounding results. 

As long as you're human, something has hurt you. So that includes us! It might be varying degrees, but none of us get through time without some painful experiences. So all of us therapists can vouch for the power of this therapy, and will treat you with loving care and kindness, with respect and regard, and without judgement. 

Let us all be committed to our health and well being. The world is a better place when we join in this intention!